There are a number of things you need to consider before knocking down your exiting home and then building a new home.

To make it easier for you we have researched our KDR clients’ most frequently asked questions as well as drawing on our own extensive KDR experiences.

We hope you find the following points helpful. But always remember we are only a phone call away if you need help!

First, give us a call on 1300 267 246 and ask to talk to one of our KDR specialists to make an appointment at a time to suit you.

I’m excited and ready to start my knock down rebuild journey. What next?

Please call us directly on 1300 267 246  and ask to speak directly to one of our Knockdown Rebuild Specialists to set up an appointment. In the meantime you can browse our New home designs or visit some of our display homes.

What do i need to bring for my initial appointment?

To begin your knock down rebuild home, please bring:

  • Survey documents, plan with land dimensions including existing dwelling
  • If available, any planning documents such as a full copy of your Contract of Sale of Land, Land Title, Rates Notice
  • Planning Certificate
  • New Home design brochures and floorplans you are interested in
  • Estimate of your budget

Can Ansa Homes knock down and remove my old home?

Of course we can. We can recommend a demolition specialist we have worked with successfully. They will arrange a quote, submit the application to demolish the exiting home and then demolish the old home.

Rest assured the ANSA team will carefully inspect your site’s orientation, access and consider other critical factors before your tender is presented to you.

We know every block is unique and several critical factors must be reviewed prior to presenting you with your tender.

How do I know what design to choose for my KDR?

We have a wide range of home designs suitable for your KDR. Our team will help you select the design that matches your lifestyle aspirations.

What about changes to the home design?

Yes, we will work closely with you to incorporate any changes you would like to make to the original design.

The only restrictions to this service will be the size and shape of your block of land, its orientation and the type of soil as well as any easements that may be required.

Of course your changes may affect your budget. We will be completely upfront about any extra costs so there are no nasty surprises.

Don’t  worry, your KDR consultant has done all this many times and will guide you all along the way.

How much will it cost for my KDR project?

The cost of demolishing your old home and replacing it with a new ANSA home will depend on the type of design you choose and the type of block of land you want to build it on, plus the changes you would like to make to the design.

One thing is certain, the price we quote will be the upfront cost with no surprises down the track. So make sure you do your sums because some home builders will add costs later!

Can you explain the KDR process?

Generally the KDR process includes these steps;

  • Our Free Site Approval will give you access to information about the block of land where you are planning your KDR. This will allow you to consider your options before proceeding to meetings that will lead to your Fixed Price Upfront Tender.
  • Obtain your Section 149 Certificate.

The 149 Certificate, also known as a zoning certificate, is a legal document issued by NSW Council’s under the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

It contains information about how a property may be used and restrictions on development that may apply such as bushfire, flood, heritage and any other zoning conditions.

  • Storm water design

Often councils require a hydraulic design for stormwater which may include an On Site Detention system (OSD) an On Site Absorption system (OSA) or a Charge system.

If your land drains below the road, towards the rear, it may require an easement refusal letter from downstream neighbours, prior to council granting approval for an appropriate stormwater design.

  • Flood prone area study

Council may consider your land to be flood prone and may be flood affected. This will require flood studies or the raising of floor levels of your home and/or the use of site specific building materials.

  • Demolition approval

You must make application to council via a separate application for the removal of any existing dwelling. Please note, you must not demolish the existing home on the property until you have final approval for the new home.

  • Specific measures for difficult access sites

Access to your site may be restricted by overhead power lines or your land might be  in a tight position or on a main road. Battleaxe and sloping blocks can make access difficult.

Specific measures will be required for difficult access sites at an additional cost.

  • Australian Height Datum

The what? Did we hear you say!

Don’t worry, AHDAustralian Height Datum Is a system of control points for height based on a network of levelling measurements that covered the whole of Australia and was fitted to mean sea level, as measured at tide gauges distributed around the Australian coast, over a period 1968-1970

  • Access to existing services

Access to existing essential services such as gas, sewer and power will have to be considered as well as their condition and location to avoid connection difficulties.

  • Council & Statutory Authorities Regulations

Council’s town planner will assist in the management of a development control plan and provide site specific advice. Generally approval times vary from new estates. There may be an additional management fee for all KDR projects.